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Shift CalendarFor over 40 years, Shift Calendars has brought quality products to serve the Firefighters and EMS workers throughout the United States. Shift Calendars is the first and oldest shift calendar company and will continue to provide quality products. With our many series of schedules, more than likely we have what you are looking for.

Our Products Shift Calendar

Shift Desk Pads
Shift Desk Pads have become a very helpful tool for administration purposes and many other applications in the fire industry. The Shift Desk Pad is a full color, 17 ¼” by 23” pad with 12 months to a pad.

Shift Poster
Shift Calendar’s large two by three foot Shift Poster makes scheduling much easier on firefighters. These posters are extremely helpful when posted on the station wall where work occurrences and past, present and future events can be determined instantly and effortlessly. The Shift Poster is full-color and printed on thick, durable board.

Single Sheet
Our famous high quality, full-color Single Sheet, includes two handy (detachable) Wallet Calendars. The Single Sheet is 8 ½” by 14” including the wallets. After the wallets are detached, the Single Sheet is 8 ½” x 11” with all twelve months on the one sheet. Also, for a small fee, we offer laminating of the wallets. The Single Sheet is also available with a personalized imprint of your name or company name at a low additional cost. This feature is only available on the Single Sheets.

Appointment Style
The attractive 12-page Appointment Style is 9” by 12” and features a beautiful full-color glossy photograph to enhance its appearance in your home or office. The inside back cover of the Appointment Style features the following year, which is very helpful in projecting forward for birthdays, vacations, etc.

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client testimonials

    • "“As a long time customer, I appreciate the staff’s help to get the right calendars. The quality of the calendars is exceptional.”
    • "Shift Calendars is genuinely concerned with our overall satisfaction. This type of customer service is very important to our department."
    • "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shift Calendars for over 10 years and will look forward to working with them for another 10 years. Thank you Shift Calendars for your hard work and the integrity of your calendars."